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SEO Competitor Analysis | Website Ranking Comparison Report

Want to know what’s working for your competitors? Discover the secret behind their website rankings through our SEO Competitive Analysis report. Analyze and optimize with ease!

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Keyword Analysis

Compare and analyze keyword performance.

Through an in-depth competitive analysis, you’ll be able to compare and analyze keyword performance, uncover top ranking pages, identify strengths and weaknesses of your competitors’ webpages, and detect potential areas for improvement. Additionally, by examining the SERP environment for each keyword, you can discover new opportunities to improve visibility and capture additional traffic through search engine optimization.

Backlink Analysis

Evaluate Competitors Backlinks.

Another key element of a comprehensive competitor analysis report is evaluating backlinks, citations, and social mentions. This helps optimize link building strategies since you are able to see where similar websites are receiving their inbound links from and measure the impact it has on their rankings. Additionally, you can use this data to discover new opportunities for outreach and expansion.

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SEO Competitor Analysis

All Features

List of all features that will put your website ahead of competitors.

Competitor Website Traffic

Get estimated traffic based on the keywords your competitor is ranking for.

Search Volume

The overall search volume a keyword generates in South Africa or any other region that is used by your competitor.

Competitor Page Ranking

Know how well your competitor is ranking per page.

Keyword Comparison

See what keywords your competitor is ranking for and common keywords you and your competitor rank for.

Competitor Backlink Analysis

See all the websites that is linking back to your competitors website.

Link Building Opportunity

With a competitor backlink analysis report you can pursue the same websites to backlink with you.

SEO Competitor Analysis

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Frequently Asked Question

Getting started with a competitor analysis.

SEO competitor analysis is the process of researching and evaluating the competitive landscape of a website. This analysis includes identifying websites that rank higher than yours in the search engine rankings, as well as web pages and strategies used by their competitors to boost their rankings. The goal of this analysis is to help you create an effective SEO strategy for your own website and stay ahead of your competitors.

An SEO competitive analysis helps you compare and understand how your website stacks up against the competition in terms of search engine rankings, content strategy, and visibility. To conduct an effective analysis, you should research their keyword targeting tactics and monitor their organic search performance. Additionally, exploring their backlink profile can provide insight into what kind of links they’re earning or purchasing, as well as where they might be gaining traction online. By understanding all this information and your competitors’ search engine optimization strategies, you can create a targeted plan to help improve your own website’s rankings.

A SEO competitive analysis should be done regularly in order to keep a close watch on competitor activity and changes in the industry. This type of analysis helps you understand where your website stands compared to competitors, and helps you identify areas that require improvement or optimization. A regular analysis also helps you stay ahead of the competition by understanding their strategies, which can help guide your own website ranking efforts.
Practically, depending on your current market presence, budget and competitor rankings an analysis should be done between three to twelve times a year.

Yes, absolutely. SEO Competitive Analysis is legal. A competitor analysis within the search engine optimization industry is a method of investigating, tracking and understanding the strategies of your competitors so that businesses can formulate effective strategies to outrank them in SERPs. Knowing who your competition is and what they are doing is essential if you want to have success online.

If you are ranked high enough it is definitely possible. This cannot be avoided as your website is publicly available. At least it should be if you want to rank on a search engine. Google bots for example regularly scans your website to upload its own cache to be able to provide useful and safe information in search results. There are however malicious bots that attempt to scan your website. This is why it is important to enough you website is safe and secure, not just for you the website owner but for your viewers. You can use free online tools like Pentest-Tools to scan your website to detect any critical flaws on your website.