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Understand the Cause of Your Google Penalty.

Before we start the Google Penalty removal process, it’s important that you understand what caused your website to receive the penalty. Common causes of Google penalties include buying too many links, using black hat SEO tactics like keyword stuffing and cloaking, and having too much duplicate content. To ensure that your website is fully restored and doesn’t get penalized again, it’s important to address not just the penalty itself but also any underlying issues that may have caused it.

Employ a Digital Marketing Expert to Develop a Strategy for Removal.

To ensure that you have the best chance at successfully removing your Google penalty, it’s important to hire a digital marketing expert to help create an effective removal strategy. We can can help determine the cause of the penalty and develop a plan for thoroughly addressing the issue before submitting for reconsideration. The strategy should include steps you can take to demonstrate to Google that any offending content or activities (buying links, keyword stuffing, etc.) have been properly eliminated or reduced.

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If your website has been impacted by a Google penalty, you know how frustrating it can be. Fortunately, our Google Penalty Removal Service can help restore your website and get it back on track for success. Find out how we can help you reclaim your lost rankings and traffic today!

Google Penalty Removal Services

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  • Turnaround time is dependent on the penalty received.

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A Google Penalty is a set of actions taken by Google to penalize websites that violate their webmaster guidelines. This can include anything from lowering a website’s ranking in the search engine results to completely removing the website from appearing in search results at all. A Google Penalty Removal Service will help you identify which areas of your site are causing potential issues and how to resolve them, thus lifting any penalties placed against your website.

There are 2 ways in which you can get a penalty:

Algorithmic Penalties: This occurs when Google updates their search ranking algorithms and your websites falls on the wrong side of it.

Manual Penalties: If your website violates Googles terms of service, Google staff may manually penalize your website.

You can check if your website has been penalized by Google by using their Online Tool, the Search Console. To check if you have a penalty, go to “Search Traffic” in the left-hand side of the console and select “Manual Actions”. There, you should see any manual penalties imposed on your website due to violations in Google’s Webmaster Guidelines. If there are no manual penalties present, then your website is not facing a penalty from Google.

The time it takes to remove a Google penalty can vary based on the type of penalty, how long it has been in effect and how thoroughly you investigate potential issues. Generally speaking, it can take anywhere from one month to several months to get a penalty removed depending on the severity of the issue.

  • keyword stuffing
  • bad links
  • hidden links
  • spyware, adware, and viruses
  • duplicate content
  • irrelevant keywords
  • bad redirects
  • cloaking
  • data issues

Note: The lack of SEO optimization and website content itself is not a penalty. A penalty is defined as an act to deceive the audience, replicate data or provide malicious or irrelevant information. More information can be found here, Google Search Essentials.