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Need a professional email for your small business? Get the best email solutions from professional emailing services to bulk emailing.

All About Emails

For small businesses looking for professional email solutions, there are a variety of options available. From professional emailing services to bulk emailing, businesses can find the best option to fit their needs and ensure successful communication with customers and employees.

Google & Facebook


All standard packages are month-to-month and can be canceled anytime before the end of the billing cycle.

Securely Managed

Professional email for businesses that include the security you can expect from a world wide use service.


For your business you have the flexibility to setup either of these and if you not sure, no problem. We can help!

Works On Any Device

Your emails will work on any device, from your laptop outlook to your mobile Gmail app.

Email Analytics

Get information about how your emails are performing to ensure your campaigns are effective.

Mail Forwarding

If you still want to keep your old mail, we can help you set this up with your new or if you want a master mailbox.

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Small Business Email Solutions Domain Utilization

Adding a professional domain to your business emails creates an immediate sense of identity and trustworthiness. It tells potential clients that you are serious about what you do and have the resources to follow through on any promises or commitments. Utilizing your company’s domain for email promotes customer loyalty by giving them an easy way to connect with you and makes it easier for customers to remember who you are. Furthermore, employing your own domain often helps email land in more inboxes since many servers recognize it as an official source of communication.

Optimize Delivery Rates with Bulk Emailing Software & APIs.

When sending out emails with your custom domain, utilizing a bulk emailing software or APIs can help optimize delivery rates. Bulk emails are automated messages sent to numerous contacts, helping entrepreneurs save time and get their message across as holistic campaigns instead of individual emails. content.

Email delivery rates are important because unopened emails don’t have any influence on the recipient; this is why it’s important to maintain a good track record with email providers by sending out only relevant and engaging

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Streamline communication with stakeholders

The Newsletter Service is designed to help take professional email for businesses to the next level. It will help your organizations reach out clients and subscribed members quickly and effectively. Create your own newsfeeds on any topic that you’d like to send out messages about on a regular basis. Customize the look and feel of your newsletters with our intuitive drag-and-drop editor. We offer the standard newsletter functionality onto your website or as a dedicated server depending on your budget and needs.

Email solutions for business

Choose a Plan

Or speak to us first for customized solutions to suite your needs.

Business Email

  • 5 Emails Addresses
  • Upgradable
  • POP and IMAP
  • Use Your Existing Or New Domain
  • Price Excludes Domain Name

R50 / month

Bulk Emailing

  • For 1 Domain Name
  • Add To Any Device Or Application
  • POPIA Compliant
  • Improved Deliveribility
  • Upgradable

R500 / 10k Emails/Month


  • Custom Solution
  • Once of Cost or Monthly
  • No Technical Knowledge Required to Use
  • Easy to Use
  • Add to Existing or New Domain

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BYOD: Bring your own domain, no need to transfer your existing domain if you don’t want to, we can guide you to setting up your emails easily.

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Frequently Asked Question

Getting Started with Our Business Email Solutions.

A custom email domain provides you with a professional image, builds trust with your customers, establishes credibility, and increases the reach of your business. You’ll have more control over your email content and branding, have an easier time filtering out spam and phishing emails, enjoy greater data security and reliability benefits, and be able to use advanced features such as encryption.

Using free business email accounts like Google or Yahoo are not considered business email services. They are ideal for private use. You may even speak to us to assist you in setting up mail forwarding between your business and private mailboxes to make things a little more convenient for you.

An email relay is a server-based tool for sending out large batches of emails efficiently and securely. Having an email relay in place ensures that your bulk emails are sent without interruption or delays and helps you avoid being labelled as a spammer or having your emails blocked by some ISPs.

Of course. The solutions we provide for your newsletters allow you to bulk import contacts into the system.

You can use the following online tool to verify an email address. Email Checker