Frequently Asked Questions

Billing and Cost

Once you get in touch with us and agree to one of our services, we email you a quote with payment details. All fees are approved by you first and remain transparent. There is no cost for quoting.

Hosting is included in all our website prices so you will not be slammed with any surprise billing. We frown upon hidden costs and try to be as transparent as possible.

Yes, you can. You can cancel your service with us at any time at no additional cost. The will only be an administration fee if you are transferring away from Web Force. See our Terms for details.

All services are refundable except the website monthly plans and designs once accepted by you. Contact us within 30 days of purchase via email at Read our terms for refund details.

Not at all. We cater for anyone and everyone. Websites are not just for businesses and great looking websites are not just for big businesses. Whether you looking to promote handmade creations or want to show off your school or just a place for you to post your stories. We can create one perfect for you.

We understand that not everybody can afford to have a professional website. If you would like to sponsor the cost of a website for an organization, school or other community services let us know and we will get in touch with them. We will even provide this service at a discounted rate.

Of course. You help us and we help you. Contact us to find out more.

All costs that are not explicitly mentioned on our website need to be calculated on a case by case basis. We provide you with solutions that involve 3rd party providers, labour and hosting among other things that we need to consider when quoting you.

Product and Support

For South African clients, websites are hosted in South Africa. For international clients, this is shared between the UK, US and India.

Yes, you do. If you are selling products from your website, you will be given access to modify and update the catalogue. Even if you are not, you will be given access to change some text and media on the site.

Note: If you are managing a store, we do not manage the products for you. This is an additional paid service.

All communication is via WhatsApp, email and phone. If you need a face to face, it is possible to setup a video call.

Yes, this is possible depending on the package you have. In general, most of our packages are managed solutions which only we maintain, however some exceptions exist. Please speak to us about this and we will gladly assist.

There are 3 components to this. The domain name, the website core files and the content on your site.

The domain name belongs to you even though we may have purchased it. We do not use this for any other purpose unless we chose to buy it from you. If you are transferring away from us, you can take it with you for a small fee outlined in our terms.

The website files belong to us, that is the structure or the skeleton of the website. That is the CSS, JS, HTML files. If you are transferring away from us and want these as well, there are additional charges outlined in our terms.

The content always belongs to you and remains your property indefinitely. These are, for example, media you upload, articles or blog posts and anything else you provided us to build the website. We will never use your content for any purpose outside of your website environment without your permission in writing.

The server that your website is on does not belong to us or you. Like 99.99% of websites, they are all hosted on rented cloud space.

You can use any of the following.

  • WhatsApp +27 73 581 7334
  • Call +27 73 581 7334

Because we try to maintain a full remote service, we can pretty much provide this service to anyone, anywhere.

Apart from the fact that our websites are cheaper, secure, performance-driven, we save you hours every month you would spend maintaining your website.

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