Professional Websites

Get slick ultra-modern designs from Web Force that will knock your competitors socks off.

Don’t settle for less and check out our portfolio on what we can do for you. No longer are professional websites a “nice to have” for businesses. The evolution of the internet and growing market competition have inspired many businesses to expand their online presence to remain competitive. People now expect the convenience of searching up your business on the internet to find your contact details and see what you have to offer. The design, performance and usability of your website is the first real impression of what potential customers think about you. So shouldn’t you trust someone who doesn’t just treat you like another customer?


A no-compromise, professional solution that features an elegant layout with everything you need to show off your business or anything else. With rich design elements, quick performance and high-security rating, it will look like you spent a fortune.

Starting from R199 per month OR R1999 for 1 year (16% Discount)


Cut out the middle man and take charge of your business. We can set up your online store with payment facilities linked to your own bank account. We do not take a cut from your sales and you can set your own prices. Your business, your products or services.

Starting from R399 per month OR R3999 for 1 year (16% Discount)

  • Month-to-Month.
  • 5 Personalized Email Addresses.
  • No Setup Fees.
  • Up to 5 Pages.
  • Ultra-Modern Design.
  • Stock Images Included.
  • Custom Designed Logo.
  • Domain Name Included.
  • All Prices Include Hosting.
  • Fully Mobile Responsive.
  • Pay for the year and get a massive discount.
  • No Hidden Costs

Some technical information about the technology that goes into your website.

  • WordPress – The worlds leading content management system with improved UI/UX controls to create beautiful market-leading designed websites.
  • SSL Certificate – HTTPS:// and not HTTP://. This is crucial to maintain security. Apart from securely transmitting information captured by the user, it discourages hackers from manipulating your website.
  • Security Hardening – Over and above an SSL certificate, other best practices are utilized on the backend of your website to reduce the security risks.
  • VPS or Virtual Private Server – All our websites utilize VPS machines. One website per VPS. This means your website is not on a shared server with any of our other clients. Shared servers may be cheaper but this negatively impacts the performance of your website due to various factors. Having your own VPS machine for your website means better performance, improved SEO and better security since it’s only you on the server. There is no additional cost for this as it is already included in our website package costs.
  • Fully Responsive – The term responsive in website development refers to how well the website works and is displayed on various screen sizes. From mobile, tablets and computer screens of all sizes. All websites we design are tested thoroughly on different devices to ensure your users have a pleasant experience when viewing your site.
  • 20gig Storage – The lowest storage capacity on your server will be 20gig which is more than enough to accommodate even the most media filled website. Unless you are planning to display a couple of thousand images, this should be enough.
  • Scalability – No more being charged an arm and a leg to migrate your website to larger servers or excessive downtime. Because we utilize VPS machines, adding more space, RAM and CPU cores can be done in a matter of minutes as and when you need it. Your website can grow with your needs.
  • SEO Friendly – The combination of all of the above and more makes your site SEO friendly which means improved Google Ranking and more traffic to your website.

We make communicating with us seamless and convenient for you. Contact us for sales or support on any of the following channels.

  • Online chat – The bottom right corner of our website
  • Email –
  • Telephone – 0735817334 (South Africa Only)
  • WhatsApp – On the Above Number or Click Here

Included in all our website packages

  • Maintenance – We update the software on your machine and WordPress as and when they are needed.
  • Errors – Because this is a managed solution, we prioritize resolving any errors or problems with your website.
  • Modifications/Changes – Changing of media, text or adding basic elements to existing pages are done for free limited to 2 per month after complete development of your initial website. Thereafter you will be quoted with prices starting from R199 per request. As mentioned throughout our website, unlike competitors, there are no surprises or hidden costs. Quotes are itemized so you know exactly what you are paying for.